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Applications and Showcases

How does Rent-A-RoBOT transform our lives? 

Effect of robotic intelligence

There’s no doubt that robotic intelligence has brought a disruptive impact on society. Due to the advancement in technology and enhancement of society, more people recognize the benefits that robots can generate, leading to the rapid rise in the application of robots. In view of the trend, we established Rent-A-Bot, covering a wide range of products and solutions that serve your interest in any aspects you can ever think of. Curious about how Rent-A-Robot make a difference to your living standard? Scroll over some of our Use Cases below.

Elderly Companion

Maybe you’d find it hard to relate robots to the silver-haired but in fact, one of the most popular applications of robots is as elderly companions. Moreover, ageing problems, thus increasing demand for healthcare manpower, has been a hot issue in many countries. The possibility of developing robotic healthcare service becomes the main investigation focus in addressing the upcoming social problem. 

Rent-A-Robot Elderly companion

Health Assistant. Provide health care and life support tips with medication reminders. Brain games are provided to improve their memories and keep track on their result and progress.

Personal Emergency Link Service. In case of emergency, robot can act as a personal emergency link service alarm connecting to medical emergency services.

Broadcast or record messages from social media or emails. To allow seniors to keep up with the society's footsteps, updated news and messages are recorded and read out to them. Basic information such as weather reports, transportation is also available.

Robot Buddy for Children

Research has suggested that children immensely benefit from the interaction with robots in terms of training their communication and cognitive thinking skills. As the application of robotic intelligence has been more mature and common, the role of robots in the growth of children is observed to be having a crescent significance as well.

Rent-A-Robot Robot buddy for children

Conversations with children. Robots conducts daily conversation with children and acts as storytellers. This improves their social, emotional, cognitive skills and language learning through using interactive technology.

Virtual Assistant. Play interactive games for children to train kids on manners and etiquette. Daily information including time, weather reports and festivals are also introduced to them.

Personal Emergency Link Service. In case of emergency, robot can act as a personal emergency link service alarm connecting to their caretakers or medical emergency services.

Business Automation

Business automation, no question, is the key strategy for your business to success in the future decades. The use of robotic intelligence has not only reduced business cost by better utilizing resources, but also better grasp the potential development of your company through comprehensive analysis and prediction of market trend. Investigations shown that 60% of companies over the globe has accelerated business automation to remain competitive in the market. So, why are you still hesitating?

Cruzr-Robot for business automation
Rent-A-Robot Industrial automation robot
Pepper for business automation- Rent-A-Robot

Back to the Start. How does Rent-A-Robot transform our lives? The answer is simple. We have the automation product and solutions you need all on this site. Just choose your pick and start your Automation Journey with Rent-A-Robot today.