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ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.
ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.
ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.
ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.
ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.
ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.
ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.
ParaBOT. Rent-A-BOT. UBTech Cruzr.

GU07 UBTech Cruzr

HKD 20,000.00

有很多客戶 (政府部門、活動的主辦單位、學校和醫療中心) 一直都使用我們Parami公司的BrainBot Cruzr,因為BrainBot Cruzr有很多用途。

首先,BrainBot Cruzr可以變成GuideBOT。BrainBot Cruzr代表香港政府,在會展上的智慧政府展館內,做迎賓及導賞員。🚀🔬BrainBot Cruzr引入了我們自家研發的 ParaAI 技術,讓機械人能夠流暢地使用廣東話和其他語言與人溝通。這些機械人內建了人工智能功能,能夠理解您的意思並即時作出回應,為您提供最貼心的服務與互動體驗。🗣️💡

其次,BrainBot Cruzr可以變成HelpBOT。BrainBot Cruzr作為健康大使,在一間醫療中心宣傳健康意識,與用戶一起玩遊戲,還與長者一起做運動和提供一些中心資訊。此外,BrainBot Cruzr透過導航功能來引導用戶到達指定位置。

最後,BrainBot Cruzr可以變成TutorBOT。BrainBot Cruzr可以在學校作為老師來教學生、練習和訓練他們的演講技巧。BrainBot Cruzr不僅能回答問題,還能提出啟發性的問題。BrainBot Cruzr有不同學科的知識,可以在不同時間使用,例如星期一是化學老師,星期二是德育老師等等。

Rent-A-BOT 還提供其他多種方案和服務,以滿足各種需求。無論是舉辦活動、展覽、商業聚會還是其他場合,我們都能為您提供最適合的機械人解決方案,為您的活動增添獨特的亮點和驚喜!🎉✨


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Bring AI to life with Cruzr Robot, a Hands-on research & learning platform for Machine Learning, Human-Robot Interaction and Navigation (SLAM). 


Fully-programmable humanoid robot for developers and researchers


  • Height: 3.93ft (3.93x1.7x1.69)
  • Weight: 99.2lbs



13 MP HD Camera, microphones, 11.6-inch Touch screen, 6+0 MIC array in the head, 1 Depth-perception Camera in the waist, 1 Lidar, 6 Sonar Sensors, 12 IR Sensors, 9-axis IMU in chassis 


Java (Android), ROS


Robotics, HRI, Coding, SLAM


1 Cruzr Robot, 1 Docking Station, 1 Power Adapter, Custom Greetings, 1 User Manual, 3-hour Online Training, Full SDK, 


Mobile robot






Universities and Research Labs



Training included


Now available! The Cruzr is one of the most advanced fully-programmable robot that provides a new generation of developers with service applications for a variety of industries and research fields. 

Cruzr RobotLAB Specs

Movement and autonomy You will be amazed by the flexibility and fluidity of Cruzr's movements! With 17 degrees of freedom, Cruzr moves like a human. Cruzr has flexible arms and can provide users with rich body language.  With its four-layer protection system, Cruzr is capable of shaking hands, greeting visitors, moving around, dancing and hugging. His 3 abrasion-resistant and quiet Omni-directional wheels enable him to move around smoothly through 360°, at a maximum speed of 1 m/s. 

Multimodal InteractionCruzr integrates various interaction modes. The multi-modal synergies and coordination make the interaction more fluid and more human-like, which greatly enhances the user experience:

  • Voice: Thanks to its two-channel stereo speakers, Cruzr is able to speak in English and Chinese
  • Vision: Cruzr is equipped with a 13MP camera enabling him to effectively understand his environment. The images are processed by software capable of identifying faces within milliseconds. Cruzr is an open-source platform that also lets you implement 3rd party resources for emotion detection, gender, age, ethnicity recognition, etc.
  • Text: The 11.6-inch touch screen tablet embedded on Cruzr can display any type of information (text, pictures, videos...) making the interaction even smoother
  • Action: You can program Cruzr to act differently and to do things based on a specific event or a series of event.

Localization and Mapping The Cruzr Robot includes the SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) proprietary software from UBTECH that uses real-time positioning and mapping to avoid obstacles. From the software, you can easily preset navigation, a bifurcation or set specific points of interest. Cruzr is able to function in complex environments thanks to his depth-perception camera, Lidar and IR sensors that enable him to navigate autonomously. 

Automatic Docking and RechargingCruzr's battery provides 5-8 hours of active use (24 hr standby). When its battery is low, Cruzr will automatically return to its self-charging dock. In the unlikely scenario of a battery failure the customer will know the last known location. However, the chances of this happening are very slim since Cruzr will return to its self-charging dock.

Centralized Control SystemThe multi-machine centralized control system can carry out functions such as managing maps, real-time motion control, and video playback which are useful for scenarios such as mobile patrol, advertising services, and security monitoring. Cruzr can support independent patrol and command-controlled patrol. A new security patrol format is now possible with the man-machine collaboration between Cruzr and security personnel.

Customizable ServiceBased on the open SDK interfaces for body movements, base actions, expressions, speech, lighting, and facial recognition that are offered in the Cruzr's robot platform, developers can customize their own applications according to their own specific scenarios. This further expands the depth and breadth of applications for Cruzr.

Linked to the world For autonomous internet access, Cruzr is equipped with wireless connectivity Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G.

Specifications of Cruzr robot


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