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S3C3 Spray Disinfection Robot
S3C3 Spray Disinfection Robot
S3C3 Spray Disinfection Robot
S3C3 Spray Disinfection Robot

S3C3 Spray Disinfection Robot

HKD 15,640.00

The Atomization Disinfection Robot is an indoor, spray disinfection robot that quickly atomizes disinfectant to efficiently disinfect and sterilize indoor surfaces and purify the air. It can navigate autonomously, avoid obstacles, and perform mobile multi-point disinfection. With a four-way spray outlet and remote control, it achieves human-machine separation and reduces the risk of cross-infection. Disinfection records are synchronized and uploaded to the background system in real-time for easy access and management.

Hardware Specification

  • Material: ABS, aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions : 404 x 390 x 1100mm (LWH)
  • Weight: 35kg (including battery, excluding disinfectant water)
  • Network Support: 4G/Wi-Fi
  • Operating Screen Size: 7 inches
  • Disinfection app support, remote control available
  • Disinfectant water tank capacity: 15L
  • Nebulization Group: 5 sets Nebulization
  • Outlet: 4-way nebulization outlet, supports various types of nozzle replacement
  • Liquid Filling Method: Open the lid to add liquid
  • Available disinfectants: Hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide, etc.
  • Nebulization Amount: 2.5L/H
  • Spray Distance: ≤1m
  • Nebulization Particle Size: ≤10μm
  • Disinfection Efficiency: 1020㎡/10min
  • Autonomous Navigation System: Laser Radar (25m)
  • Environmental Map Drawing: Uses SLAM scanning
  • Moving Speed: 0-0.7m/s
  • Climbing Angle: 5° Vertical
  • Overcoming Height: ≤20mm
  • Horizontal Overcoming Height: ≤40mm
  • Tires: Anti-slip rubber tires and universal wheels
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40℃
  • Operating Humidity: 30%-70%
  • Operating Environment: Indoor use only, no excessive dust, no corrosive odors
  • Battery Capacity: 24V16Ah
  • Charging Voltage: 24V6A
  • Charging Method: Automatic/Manual
  • Automatic Charging: Infrared sensing automatic charging
  • Charging Pile: 100-240v~50/60Hz, 5A Max
  • Charging Pile Dimensions: 355 x 150 x 320mm (LWH)
  • Charging Time: ≤3 hours
  • Operating Time: 4 hours, automatically returns to charge when the battery is low
  • Status Indicator Light: Smart control LED light strip
  • Control System: Industrial-grade control computing system
  • Safety Emergency Stop Button: Bottom of the chassis
  • Remote Control: Remote control available
  • Collision Strip: Front 180° of the chassis
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